Health monitoring for mercury (inorganic)


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to inorganic mercury.  

We use mercury in batteries, instruments like thermometers, floodlights, streetlights, manufacturing and to mine gold and silver ores. Exposure can happen when we breathe mercury vapour. 

Examples of work with mercury include: 

  • making amalgams 

  • dental work  

  • making pigments and bottom paints (mercuric oxide) and vermilion (mercuric sulfide) in the paint industry 

  • removing gold and silver from pyrites (mercuric sulfate) 

  • separating gold from tailings 

  • laboratory work in small spaces 

  • using fungicides 

  • exploring, producing and refining natural gas 

  • using fluorescent lamps and electrical meters. 

This guide is part of a health monitoring guide collection. 

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