Health monitoring for isocyanates


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to isocyanates.  

Isocyanates are a group of highly reactive, organic compounds of the formula R-N=C=O.  

Examples of work with isocyanates include work where you release isocyanates as vapours, aerosols and mists, such as: 

  • spray painting, using two-pack paints with an isocyanate hardener in vehicle paints 
  • using rigid foams for heat insulation 
  • using flexible foams for bedding and upholstery 
  • using hard-wearing coatings for furniture and floors 
  • making sporting goods such as skis, surfboards and footwear 
  • spray on polyurethane products 

Isocyanates are also in: 

  • processes where heat breaks down polyurethane products 
  • foundry operations. 

This guide is part of a health monitoring guide collection. 

There are also health monitoring guides for: 

  • persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) 
  • guide for workers 
  • registered medical practitioners 
  • hazardous chemicals. 

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