Guide for major hazard facilities – Safety management systems


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This guide is about safety management systems (SMS) for major hazard facilities (MHF). It covers what an SMS must have to meet the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.  

An SMS is a comprehensive and integrated system to help manage health and safety risks at an MHF.  

Most facility operators applying for an MHF license will already have an SMS. This guide will help operators see if there are gaps between their current SMS and the model WHS Regulations.  

It is not intended to help operators set up an SMS for the first time. If you are an MHF operator and do not have an SMS, you can refer to Appendix C of this Guide for help on how to set one up.   

This is one of 9 guides to help MHF operators understand Chapter 9 – Major hazard facilities in the model WHS Regulations. 

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