Deliver yourself home safely: About

You may not always know who to talk to about your safety at work.

These pages will help you understand what other organisations can do to help you stay safe at work, and what you can do to stay safe too.

Please note the information in the links on this page will only be available in English.

Safe Work Australia

We work with state and territory authorities to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation for all workers in Australia.

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Workers' compensation authorities

We can support people with the workers’ compensation process.

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Work Health and Safety regulators

We manage the laws about work health and safety for our state or territory. We make sure people follow those laws. Click on the map to find out more.

Road rules by state

Each state and territory may have slightly different road rules so it’s important to look at the rules for the state or territory you work in.









Other useful resources

Here are a few more websites you might like to visit.