Work-related traumatic injury fatalities database

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The database includes all people who died from injuries: 

  • at or from work 
  • in Australia or a territorial sea. 

Who’s included in the database 

The database includes: 

  • unpaid volunteers and family workers, carrying out work experience 
  • defence force personnel killed within Australian territories or territorial sea or travelling for work. 
  • bystanders (people who died from someone else’s work activity). 

It doesn’t include people who died from: 

  • medical intervention (iatrogenic injuries) 
  • natural causes, such as heart attacks and strokes, except where a work-related injury was the direct cause of the heart attack or stroke 
  • diseases 
  • self-inflicted injuries (suicide). 

Using the work-related traumatic injury fatalities database 

You can see the number of fatalities and fatality rate by sex, age, industry, job and cause in the reports: 

We may make minor changes each year if we get more information.  

The 2020 statistics should be considered in the broader context of the COVID-19 pandemic when comparing data over previous periods. The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this data are explored in the COVID-19 and Safe Work Australia data report.

The Work-related fatalities full time series (2003 to 2021) has electronic tables by industry, job, main cause and demographics.

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