Workplace culture research

Why has this research been done?

  • To better understand the prevalence of workplace bullying and harassment in Australian workplaces and to identify workplace risk factors associated

Why has this research been done? 

  • Sickness absence and presenteeism have a direct impact on organisation productivity 

Why has this research been done? 

Two important aspects of safety climate are management safety empowerment and management safety justice, which are the perceived degree to which employer

How businesses and workers gain access to work health and safety information has been identified as an area of interest in the

This paper reports on the attitudes of Australian workers towards accepting risk taking and rule breaking in the workplace.  

The report 'The relationship between work characteristics, wellbeing, depression and workplace bullying' describes the early findings from a project conducted as a partnership between Safe Work Aus

Safe Work Australia is conducting the Motivations, Attitudes, Perceptions and Skills (MAPS) project to focus attention on the socio-psychological factors that shape organisations’ and individuals’