Young workers tell us their views on work safety

In this video young people share their experiences and thoughts on a range of work health and safety issues, from unsafe work practices to mental health in the workplace. 

Young people starting out in the workforce face a range of issues that can affect their decision-making, coping mechanisms and overall mental wellbeing. They are often unaware of their rights and responsibilities at work and need extra support and guidance from managers and peers.

This video provides an insightful look into the minds of young workers. It highlights potential issues they could face in the workplace and identifies gaps where more information and education may be needed.

Who is this seminar for?

This video is ideal for supervisors and managers who employ or who are looking to employ young workers. Young workers themselves may also find them useful.

About the presenters

The videos feature a number of young people who were interviewed while attending a work safety expo hosted by SafeWork NSW.

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