Work-related fatigue and job design

Two leaders in workplace fatigue discuss how sleep is critical to our physical and mental health, is fundamental to our ability to think and learn, and critical to maintaining safe and healthy workplaces. 

In this seminar, Dr Carmel Harrington and Professor Drew Dawson examine why fatigue management is important from both a worker and a business perspective and what businesses and workers can do to manage the risks caused by fatigue in the workplace.

They consider the challenges in managing fatigue in shift work design and examine the effectiveness of commonly used controls and how to lead a risk-based approach to fatigue management. Dr Harrington and Professor Dawson will also discuss napping, roster development, and examine the role of employee responsibilities towards mitigating health and safety risks caused by fatigue in the workplace.

You will learn that there is no clearly defined line between safe and unsafe fatigue levels, and how to assess whether your workers are exposed to risks related to fatigue.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is for all supervisors and managers, including staff who manage rosters and flexible work arrangements, industries and workplaces that use shift work and overnight work and workers undertaking shift work.

About the presenters

Dr Carmel Harrington is Managing Director of Sleep for Health and an Australian sleep scientist whose insights into sleep have helped improve the health and wellbeing of many Australians. She is an honorary research fellow at Westmead Children’s Hospital and a founding member of the Australian Sleep Foundation.

Professor Drew Dawson, Director of the Appleton Institute at Central Queensland University, is an internationally acclaimed sleep scientist who is recognised for his work in the areas of sleep and fatigue research, organisational psychology and human behaviour, industrial relations negotiations, and the human implications of hours of work.

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