Top tips for doing a safety inspection in your workplace

Safety inspectors from WorkSafe Victoria share their top tips on conducting workplace safety inspections.

About this seminar

In this video, three safety inspectors from WorkSafe Victoria identify simple steps every business can take to identify, assess and fix workplace hazards. They explore ideas on how to engage staff, prioritise areas of high risk, and find solutions to hazards before they cause harm.

Conducting a workplace safety inspection is an essential business skill, and fundamental to the ongoing safety of workers. Every business can display a commitment to the health and safety of their workplace by improving skills and knowledge in this area.

The video demonstrates a refreshingly simple and direct approach to conducting a workplace safety inspection.

Who is this seminar for?

The video is for all employers and workers, and is particularly relevant to business leaders and managers, health and safety representatives, and work health and safety and human resource professionals.

About the presenters     

This video was provided by WorkSafe Victoria who is responsible for improving work health and safety in Victoria and helping reduce the risk of workers being killed or injured on the job.

In this video we hear from Ben, Cheryl and Damian, who are safety inspectors for WorkSafe Victoria.

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