The seven steps for small business

Achieving good work health and safety outcomes improves your bottom line and enables success.

Introduced by SafeWork SA’s Bryan Russell, this video outlines the ‘Seven Steps for Small Business’ approach from the South Australian work health and safety regulator.

This presentation uses real examples from people who have implemented these steps in their own small businesses. It also provides simple suggestion for how other small businesses can follow these steps and contribute to the safety of your business.

Who is this presentation for?

This presentation is specifically aimed at small businesses however anyone with an interest in work health and safety will find it useful.

About the company

Safe Work SA is the work health and safety regulator for South Australia. They are a business unit of the Attorney-General’s Department for the Government of South Australia. They administer state industrial relations legislation and manage the state’s work health and safety functions.

Bryan Russell is the Executive Director of SafeWork SA.

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