Safety culture and leadership by Professor Patrick Hudson

When the unexpected happens, do you know what to do?

In this presentation, Professor Hudson describes the three elements of culture:

  • what we do
  • how we do it
  • why.

He also explains how the elements of culture change depending on what level of the safety ladder people are at, and as they learn and progress.

Who is this presentation for?

This presentation is for:

  • leaders
  • managers
  • work health and safety consultants
  • anyone with a passion for improving organisational performance. 

About the presenter (at the time of the presentation)

Professor Hudson is a psychologist with wide experience of safety management in a variety of high-hazard industries and is Professor of the Human Factor in Safety at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He was one of the developers of the Tripod model for Shell which is better known as the ‘Swiss Cheese’ model.

Professor Hudson was selected as a Distinguished Lecturer of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2012–13, and an expert witness on process safety and safety culture in the BP Deepwater Horizon lawsuit in New Orleans.

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