Health and safety representatives - workers as leaders

This presentation from Kim Sattler reminds viewers of the role played by unions in Australia over the last 100 years to improve workers’ health and safety standards. 

In this presentation, Kim outlines the important role and challenges faced by health and safety representatives; our workplace heroes. Some suggestions for future work for Safe Work Australia are also provided.

Who is this presentation for?

This presentation is for health and safety representatives, workers, students and anyone interested in how workers can be leaders in work health and safety.

About the presenter

Kim Sattler was the first woman to be elected as the Secretary of Unions ACT and has held the position for 8 years. Unions ACT represents 24 unions and has 33,000 members. For over 25 years Kim has worked in the community sector as a youth worker and a manager of youth services, and was an active member of her union, the Australian Services Union.

Kim is also a member of the ACTU Executive, the Chair of the National Museum of Labour Board, a member of the ACT Leave Authority Board, and a member of the ACT Work Safety Council. Kim is also the CEO of Workwatch Training Centre which is a work health and safety training provider in the ACT.

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