Effective load restraint

This webinar discusses how to effectively restrain loads on heavy vehicles to protect the safety of workers and the users of public roads. It describes the systems that BlueScope Steel uses to ensure its products are delivered safely. 

Produced as part of the National Road Safety Partnership Program, this webinar discusses the fundamentals of load restraint and the importance of having an engineered load restraint system that includes testing, training, guidelines and audits. 

Please note that this item is pre-recorded, and the online assistance and questions facilities referred to in the audio are not available. 

Who is this presentation for? 

Suppliers and transport operators of any materials carried by road, heavy vehicle drivers and their managers. 

About the presenter 

Graeme Agnew, Logistics Engineer with BlueScope Steel, is a leading Australian expert in the field of load restraint and road safety. He is a mechanical engineer and has developed cost-effective and efficient transport safety solutions including the load restraint of a wide variety of loads, as well as coaching and mentoring drivers, loaders, supervisors and managers in their application. 

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