Complex mental health in the workplace

Eliza Oakley, Mindful Employer Manager, discusses three steps for employers to take to help them manage complex mental health in the workplace.  

About this seminar 

In this video, employers are challenged to reduce stigma and provide strong leadership on the issue of workplace mental health. They are also asked to consider how they would deal with a mental health crisis in their workplace. 

Ms Oakley draws on research from SANE Australia, one of Australia’s most established mental health not-for-profit organisations. She presents case studies from SANE’s very own staff to illustrate how effective policy can lead to best practice and positive outcomes. 

You will learn that mental health in the workplace is too important to ignore, and all employers have a responsibility to create working environments that are healthy and safe for everyone. 

Who is this seminar for? 

This seminar is for all employers, as well as business leaders responsible for administering workplace policy. 

About the presenters 

Eliza Oakley is the Manager of Mindful Employer: a program developed by SANE Australia to provide managers and employees with information and skills to respond to mental health issues in the workplace. 

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