Preventing workers falling from trucks - AAT case study


The transport industry has a high rate of injuries and deaths from workers falling from trucks and trailers. 

Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT) acted to reduce risks and created some useful resources for their workers and others. 

Why AAT needed to act 

AAT has a multi-user terminal at the Port of Brisbane. It has many operators, freight and vehicles on site, with lots of potential dangers. Falling from trucks is one of them. 

To reduce risk, AAT took part in a workshop with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland run workshop on preventing workers falling off trucks. 

AAT consultation process and result 

After the workshop, AAT started an internal safety group and consulted with major transport contractors to identify load types and operators. 

From this, four consultative groups were formed including one for each load type AAT receives: 

  • steel transporters 

  • “roll-on, roll-off” heavy machinery transporters 

  • general freight, and 

  • car. 

Each group developed controls for known risks about falls specific to a load type, including truck stands.  

Implementing controls 

To help workers use the truck stands, AAT: 

  • prepared instructions on how to use them, including a video, and 

  • trained internal staff and their supply chain. 

AAT will ensure existing and new operators coming on site are made aware of policies and procedures to improve loading and unloading. 

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