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TOOCS3.0 is designed primarily for use in the coding of workers’ compensation claims, but it can also be used by employers in the workplace. It continues to allow for the addition of more detailed and specific codes where so desired by the use of an additional digit to the classification.

Erratum (June 2009)

Type of Occurrence Classification System 3rd Edition, Revision 1

The following errors have been found in the printed copy of the current manual.

These errors have been corrected in the current web PDF version of the publication.

Error  Section/page
FALLS TRIPS & SLIPS should be 0 not 9 MECHANISM / p.147
Pharmaceuticals should be 533 (not 539) AGENCY / p.223
Wet concrete (at 3 digit) should be 613 (not 6139) AGENCY / p.225
Air under pressure (at 4 digit) should be 6369 (not 636)  AGENCY / p.229
771 Deafness Excludes reference to Audio shock/shriek should read (code to 309 not 772) NATURE p.66
11 Hitting stationary objects Excludes reference to hitting an object while slipping or falling should read (code to 01 or 02 not 91 or 92) MECHANISM/ p. 152
11 Hitting stationary objects Excludes reference to sitting, kneeling or treading on objects should read (code to 03 not 93) MECHANISM/ p. 152
13 Rubbing and chafing Excludes reference to grazing or scraping as a result of a fall or slide should read (code to 01 or 02 not 91 or 92) MECHANISM/ p. 152
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