Health monitoring guide for nickel


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to nickel.  

Nickel (CAS 7440-02-0) is a hard, silver-white metal that exists naturally in the earth’s crust. It’s in small amounts in food, water, air and soil. 

The main uses of nickel are: 

  • electroplating 
  • industrial plating 
  • as an insulating agent 
  • as a catalyst 
  • in mineral oil lubricant 
  • in welding and soldering 
  • in making stainless steel and alloys. 

Examples of work activities involving nickel include: 

  • nickel refining 
  • making, welding and cutting stainless steel and nickel alloys 
  • nickel plating and electroplating 
  • packing nickel powders and alloys 
  • maintaining plant and equipment for nickel processes. 

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