Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033 builds on the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022, drawing on key learnings from stakeholders across the system. 


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The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033 sets an ambitious vision for WHS outcomes in Australia. 

The context in which this Strategy was developed is fundamentally different to 2012, a proposition informed by extensive stakeholder consultation, research and analysis. Positively, since that time, all states and territories have developed and implemented priority plans, with many jurisdictions now preparing for a second iteration. Stakeholders have indicated the importance of the strategy setting the national framework for and interlocking with these priority plans.

For this reason, the strategy sets the high-level agenda under which jurisdictional action plans can align and operate, with reference to local needs and priorities. The strategy is underpinned by a responsive and effective regulatory framework – through which respective Australian and state and territory governments are committed to driving change and improvements in addressing known WHS challenges and preparing for those yet to emerge. The Strategy promotes consistency and mutual progress and complements the role of the model WHS framework in supporting WHS improvements over time.

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Australian WHS Strategy 2023-2033