Contacts Tasmania

WorkSafe Tasmania 

WorkSafe Tasmania’s primary role is to improve workplace safety, health and return to work. It administers the laws that regulate work health and safety, workers compensation, occupational licensing, asbestos compensation, dangerous goods, and more. 

WorkSafe Tasmania also investigates workplace incidents, audits workplaces for compliance with legislation, promotes safer and healthier workplaces, promotes prompt and effective return to work, and more. 

Contact details 

Phone: (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania) or 1300 366 322 (within Tasmania) 

Electricity Regulators 

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) - Energy Standards and Safety 

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services administers electrical safety legislation, inspections, auditing, investigations, information, licensing, standards, equipment and notifications. 

Contact details 

Phone: 1300 654 499