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A core function of our work is developing and maintaining an evidence base to inform WHS and workers’ compensation policy and practice. It also helps to significantly reduce the incidence of work-related death, injury and illness.

  • We compile, analyse and report on a range of WHS and workers’ compensation data to provide a national picture of work-related injuries, fatalities and diseases.

National data collections

We compile and maintain three key national data collections including the:

  • National Data Set for Compensation-based Statistics
  • Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities collection
  • Comparative Performance Monitoring program.


These data sets draw on a range of sources including:

  • administrative data provided by jurisdictional authorities
  • fatality data from the National Coronial Information Service
  • employment data from the ABS.

Annual statistical reports

Based on these data collections we publish four key annual reports including the:

Statistical reports

We produce a range of other thematic and industry based statistical reports and products utilising our data sets as well as other available data, including from the ABS.  

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