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This page provides statistics on worker fatalities by occupation.

  • Work-related fatalities data is reported on an annual basis and is sourced from our work-related traumatic injury fatalities database.

Information about the deceased’s occupation is coded using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, 2013, Version 1.2.

Number of fatalities and fatality rate by occupation

More detailed statistics to those provided below can be found in the Number and incidence rate of work-related traumatic injury fatalities by occupation - 2014-2018 statistical table.

In 2018:

  • 35% (51) of workers killed were employed as machinery operators and drivers
  • 25% (36) of workers killed were labourers
  • 19% (27) of workers killed were technicians and trades workers
  • 11% (16) of workers killed were managers.

Table 1: Worker fatalities: number of fatalities and fatality rates by occupation, 2018

Occupation Number of fatalities, 2018 2018 fatality rate (fatalities per 100 000 workers)
Machinery operators and drivers 51 6.2
Labourers 36 2.9
Technicians and trades workers 27 1.5
Managers 16 1.0
Professionals 8 0.3
Community and personal service workers 4 0.3
Clerical and administrative workers 1 0.1
Sales workers 1 0.1
Total 144 1.1

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