A lost-time injury is something that results in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work. It could be as little as one day or shift. 

  • LTIFR refer to the number of lost-time injuries within a given accounting period, relative to the total number of hours worked in that period. 
  • LTIFR is a proxy measurement for safety performance. 

Calculating LTIFR

LTIFR calculations measure the number of lost-time injuries per million hours worked during an accounting period.

  • The severity of injury is not considered in the number.
  • The LTI definition excludes pre-existing conditions that weren’t sustained during the reporting period.

LTIFR formula

 ( Number of lost time injuries in accounting period )             
------------------------------------------------------- × 1,000,000
 ( Total hours worked in accounting period )          

Multiply by a million

The number of lost-time injuries per hour worked is always a very small number. To make it easy to interpret, a multiplier of one million is used and LTIFR are reported as the number of lost-time injuries per million hours worked. 


The Workplace Injury and Disease Recording Standard gives individual workplaces a guide to create an inexpensive and easy-to-use method of recording information on work injury and disease.

  • Companies can benchmark the occupational health and safety performance of their industry using the LTIFR calculator.


In 2011, a building construction company had two people injured at work.

  • One was hospitalised for one week and the other was away for one full day. 
  • The company employs 375 staff, some of which work part-time hours. 
  • The total hours worked in 2011 for all employees was 700,500.  

To calculate the company’s LTIFR, there are two people who have lost time from work for one shift or more, and 700,500 hours were worked over the period. This equates to a rate of 2.86, which is lower than the building construction industry rate of 5.6.

  • Number of LTI during the year: 2
  • Hours worked during the year: 700,500
  • LTIFR = 2.86
  • Industry: Building construction (ANZSIC level 1.2)
  • Industry LTIFR = 5.6 

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