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Vote for your favourite in our People’s Choice Award. The winner will gain an extra $5,000.

National Safe Work Month competition winners

Vote for your favourite to win the People’s Choice Award

Here are the successful National Safe Work Month competition entries. Each project will receive funding. But which one will receive the People’s Choice Award of an extra $5,000?
You decide. Vote now.

Preventing rail industry welding fume injuries - Nugroup Rail Solutions Pty Ltd
Develop and provide to the rapidly growing rail industry the best high-order prevention strategy to manage the short and long term health effects of inhaling welding fumes.

Customised WHS training for diverse groups - House with No Steps
Customised work health and safety training for people who have intellectual, cognitive and learning disabilities, who are deaf or hearing impaired, who have low literacy, and who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Hay bale lifter to prevent back injuries - Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Spring-actioned hay bale lifter to prevent back injuries from manually lifting hay bales.

A better design for hand augers - Coffey Services Australia Ltd
Reduce injury rates and worker pain by developing an ergonomic hand auger for field investigation work around the world.

Using lighting to create highly visible safety barriers - Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Company Pty Ltd
Create highly and permanently visible safety zones for pedestrians using ceiling-mounted light projectors, to reduce forklift accidents.

People's Choice Award voting closes on 29 November. We will announce the winner on 30 November.

Entry requirements

Entrants in the National Safe Work Month competition were given the following terms and conditions for entry.


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