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This year's theme

The theme for this October’s National Safe Work Month is “A moment is all it takes.”

While a safety incident can happen in a moment and in any workplace, a moment’s forethought can prevent harm.

This year, commit to taking a safety moment every day in your workplace.

This could be as simple as spending five minutes every morning talking with your team about the hazards and risks in your workplace, and how to prevent harm.

Share your safety moment using #mysafetymoment.

Use the campaign kit

Over the coming months, we will publish a range of resources, campaign materials and ideas to help you take a safety moment in your workplace during National Safe Work Month. To find out when we release new materials, sign up to our mailing list (check the ‘National Safe Work Month’ box) and follow our social media

Editable posters

You can customise these posters to suit your unique workplace. There's even a version your professional graphic designer can use.



Use these branded flyers to raise awareness of National Safe Work Month in your workplace. There's one for each priority industry in the Australian WHS Strategy.

Document templates

Use these branded document templates during National Safe Work Month to circulate safety information around your workplace or to build your own awareness-raising campaign.




You may find these messages handy to include in emails to your staff about National Safe Work Month, news stories or notices on your intranet, or updates on your website.

Ideas for your National Safe Work Month activities

Check out our ideas to help you take a safety moment this October.

Social media covers

Use these National Safe Work Month social media covers on your social media accounts to show your commitment to work health and safety in Australia.

Other materials

  • National Safe Work Month logos | Download the zip-file to access logos you can use on your documents, brochures and websites. 
  • National Safe Work Month colour palette | Apply the safety month colours to your printed and online materials. 
  • Website graphics | Use these graphics on your website, intranet or in your email bulletins to show your commitment to work health and safety in Australia.
  • Email signature straplines | Use these safety month straplines on your email signature.
  • Bunting | Print out this bunting and use it to decorate your workplace to show your support for National Safe Work Month.

A checklist to get you started

This handy checklist will help you get National Safe Work Month off to a good start:

Enter the competition

We're offering between $2,000 and $20,000 to help fund great work health and safety projects. Enter your project idea and bid for the funds to make it a reality before 31 October for your chance to win.

Information about work health and safety

  • Five steps to a safe and healthy workplace | These five steps provide guidance on how to build an effective work health and safety approach in your organisation.
  • The facts | Find out the basics about work health and safety in Australia
  • Hear from workers | Watch our videos in which workers from a range of industries tell their safety stories
  • Seminars and videos | Check out our Virtual Seminar Series for a wealth of work health and safety information, knowledge and experience.

What's on in your region?

WHS regulators are running events and activities across the country to raise awareness of workplace health and safety this National Safe Work Month.

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