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Ladies and gentlemen, It is my pleasure to launch National Safe Work Month 2017.

Every year throughout October, employees and employers are encouraged to think about workplace safety and how they can make their workplaces even safer.

Workplace health and safety is important to all Australians.

Safe and healthy work is fundamental to our way of life.

One death or injury is one too many.

Australia is one of the safest places in the world to work.

But every October, during National Safe Work Month, we all need to commit to building even safer workplaces.

We cannot be complacent. Safe workplaces are workplaces where everyone shares their knowledge and experience about what makes their workplace safe.

Safety must be a fundamental part of doing business.

This October, I ask that you bring work safety to the front of your mind to focus on the health and safety of your workforce and your colleagues.

Share your knowledge and experience.

Run a safety initiative in your workplace.

The National Safe Work Month website has a range of resources, including videos, information sheets, and ideas to help you and your colleagues.

And finally, share your safety initiative on the Safe Work Month website and on social media using the hashtag #safeworkmonth.

This way, even more workers across Australia can benefit from your knowledge and experience. But remember, when October turns to November, make sure you continue the conversation in your workplace to keep it safe..

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