You can eliminate the risks of working in heat by designing the work environment with safety in mind. For example, installing air-conditioning and ventilation. Businesses must eliminate the risks arising from work environments and facilities, and if that is not reasonably practicable risks to health and safety must be managed.

For further information on how to manage the risks of working in heat see the Guide for managing the risks of working in heat.


Working in heat: safe design

Helimods - transcript

 [Text: Tim Kelly, Senior engineer]

Tim Kelly: It’s a two-way street there.

We want our people to be comfortable so that they perform well.

[Music plays and the Safe Work Australia logo and text: Working in heat, safe design]

Here at Helimods we do custom fit-outs for helicopters.

Living and working in South East Queensland, it can get quite hot and humid particularly in summer.

Work that we do, it requires very high precision.

So, to have our people overtaxed through heat stress or otherwise, it is not good for us from a quality perspective.

Through the design of the facility, machine operators and our production personnel work on a centre of focus through that process.

So, the facility then has been set up with explicit clean rooms, air conditioned, climate controlled, to make sure that they’re as comfortable as they possibly can be.

[Text: Rohan Driver, Production lead]

Rohan Driver: This is one of the most amazing facilities I’ve ever worked in.

All of the work spaces are all air conditioned.

Tim Kelly: When they’re working, I mean it can be 30 or 40 degrees outside.

Because it’s all air conditioned and climate controlled the temperature will be somewhere in the low to mid 20s and will be humidity controlled.

Our second hangar we’re currently using as a stores room because the site is in transition.

It hasn’t been developed to the same level as say what Hangar 1 has.

As we expand the facility it will all be upgraded in a line with what we’ve done for Hangar 1 here to ensure that our people are working under favourable conditions and can be at their best.

Rohan Driver: A lot of that preparing for the possible situation to go wrong is already taken care of for me so, I can get better productivity.

[Safe Work Australia logo and text: Read the Guide for managing the risks of working in heat, swa.gov.au]

[Music plays]

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