It’s important to identify hazards, assess risks and have control measures in place to keep workers safe while working in heat. Examples of controls can be found on our website and in the Guide for managing the risks of working in heat. See our risk management checklist for more information.


Working in heat: risk management

Sunshine Coast Council - transcript

Ben Cosgrove: We have a lot of control measures in place to eliminate heat stress from their day to day basis.

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[Text: Georgia Keeshan, Manager, Sunshine Coast Council]

Georgia Keeshan: Working at the Council is a great opportunity and a challenge. I facilitate the management of beach access maintenance.

So, you’ve really got to be aware of the elements especially during the summer months.

[Text: Ben Cosgrove, Health and safety advisor, Sunshine Coast Council]

Ben Cosgrove: My role is to eliminate or mitigate risk and in doing that we have a lot of procedures that we have in play.

So, for instance, with our asphalt workers we have a risk assessment that will be able to deem whether the area that they’re working in is going to exceed temperatures that are not safe to work in.

Georgia Keesha: We always ensure that people are working in pairs.

There’s always somebody that can watch the other person for signs of heat stress and be able to call up either their workplace health and safety advisor or their direct supervisor.

I’m always looking at making sure my workers have got adequate protection against the heat.

It’s not just the simple things.

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