Heat is a hazard in many Australian workplaces, whether work is performed indoors or outdoors. To help you identify hazards in your workplace you should talk to workers, including health and safety representatives, and other duty holders. You can also talk to businesses similar to yours to understand the risks of heat in your workplace.

For further information on how to manage the risks of working in heat, see the Guide for managing the risks of working in heat.


Working in heat: not just an outdoor problem

Tekmodo - transcript

Andrew Gregor, Owner Tekmodo: So, living on the Sunshine Coast is great but we’re in a high heat environment here.

[Music plays and the Safe work Australia logo and text: Working in heat, not just an outdoor problem]

My company, Tekmodo, specialise in Smart home wiring, electrical work, home theatres.

[Music plays and text: Andrew Gregor, Owner, Tekmodo]

We need to make sure that we take particular steps and have procedures in place when we’re working in these hot areas like say a basement where there isn’t much air flow, or in a roof space.

We’ll try and get there early in the morning so that we can get that work done before the heat of the day has heated that roof space up.

We’re limited, in the roof space, before we need a guy to come down, uptake his fluids, cool down, and then go back up in the roof.

[Text: Simon Bulmer, Co-owner, Tekmodo

Simon Bulmer, Co-owner Tekmodo: You just have to monitor that on a case by case and just see how each person reacts to it.

You need to make sure that they’ve got some ways we can contact them if they need help to get out.

I guess in a nutshell is make sure that all of us, including ourselves, have the right equipment to do the job at the right time.

[Music plays]

Andrew Gregor: At the end of the day your employees are your business. So, we have to keep our workforce safe and healthy.

If they don’t work, you don’t make money.

[Safe Work Australia logo and text: Read the Guide for managing the risks of working in heat, swa.gov.au]

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