If you are involved in managing a small to medium business then you are likely to have a duty as an ‘officer’ under work health and safety laws. This video features workers from a range of industries talking about why they are an officer in their business.

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Transcript: Who Is An Officer?

Daniel Salamati: It's actually really important for me to make sure the environment that I work with… with my colleagues is a happy environment, is a workplace that when people wake up in the morning, want to go to work.

Lucy Jones: I’m very hands-on, so it's getting in in the morning and making sure everything's as it should be, everything's getting baked, baking it personally myself.

Matt Cook: I manage everything to with the installation of our gardens, from implementation from the design department through the contracts, the quotes, and then into the day to day installation with the teams on the ground.

Lucy Jones: Myself and my husband, obviously both run the business, so when it comes to workplace health and safety, we're both aware that we're both officers for the whole company.

Daniel Salamati: When you have a small business and you are a decision-maker, you are pretty much responsible for everything. I am making all the decisions within the business, with the financial matters.

Nicholas B.: As the owner of the practice, I acknowledge that it's my responsibility to make sure that I provide a safe working environment.

Will Tompson: We have a whole culture around safety here. It's our people, it's our product, it's the things that we put into it, and it's a major focus. As an officer, I'm doing everything I reasonably can. I've got to make sure that everything meets its WHS requirements.

Matt Cook: Just entails us to be aware of the WHS space, but also heavily involved in the continual implementation and development of processes and guidelines.

Annabelle McLean.: You obviously can't be here every hour of the day, so you need to find people that you can trust. If something goes wrong, there are processes and systems in place that the managers can direct their concerns and explanations of the event straight to the directors and therefore they can be acted on as fast as possible.

Matt Cook: As the officer, part of the role is to ensure it's adhered to, yes, and all those guidelines are followed, an easy process for all the team to be engaged with as well.

Annabelle McLean.: I think having adequate resources all the time's really important, because it means that people aren't having to cut corners.

Daniel Salamati: The officer knows all the ins and outs in the business, and is not a transferrable role.

Nicholas B.: You can tell when a business is hands-on and when it's well-run, and I hope that's reflected in my business.

Will Tompson: It affects the bottom line. Having people happy, safe, fulfilled in their job. They do a better day's work, we get a better result, our customers get a better result, everyone's a winner.

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