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See how Taronga Zoo are #safetychampions with their innovative approach to work health and safety.


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See how Taronga Zoo are #safetychampions with their innovative approach to work health and safety.

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National Safe Work Month – Taronga Zoo ‘Hay Bale Lifter’

Anne-Marie Hillerman

We started by brainstorming different ideas and solutions to some of the handling risks that we might have on section and the SULO bins happened to come up as one that we'd like to make some changes on. So on section we'll often have these very large bins that we have to sort of bend into to then get the hay bails out to feed the animals. And once you get to the lower end of the hay bale, you end up having to pretty much go right into the bin, sometimes having to tilt the bin backwards to reach the bottom of the bins.

Also, some of the staff on section are a little bit shorter, so it's more difficult for them to actually reach the bottom of the bins. So the spring-loaded lifter has four springs on each corner of the bin, on the inside. So once you put a bale of hay in, it actually, the springs will release and allow the weight of the hay to go all the way to the bottom of the bin.

And then as you remove the biscuits, the springs will lift because the weight is lighter. It's been a fantastic project, not only for the team to have great engagement amongst everyone that's on the team, but also allowing us to create a better work culture and a better culture for work health and safety within the organisation. I can't recommend enough for people to get on board with Safe Work Australia. It's a fantastic initiative for people to implement change, create new ideas and benefits for any organisation. Anyone can be a Safety Champion. It's as easy as having a conversation with your colleague.

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