Find out how the Strategy is helping employers to effectively support workers in their recovery and return to work.

Watch our overview of the National Return to Work Strategy.

Also watch our short animations on the five action areas.

  1. Supporting workers
  2. Building positive workplace culture and leadership
  3. Supporting employers
  4. Supporting other stakeholders
  5. Building and translating evidence 

For more information see our National Return to Work Strategy page.

Download the National Return to Work Strategy.


Supporting employers

The National Return to Work Strategy aims to help employers to effectively support workers.

The worker’s employer and supervisor play an important role in a positive return to work outcome.

Workers have better outcomes when employers engage early with them, and, continue to support them through their journey back to work.

This includes consulting with the worker to develop a plan to help them recover and return to work safely.

Employers can reinforce positive workplace culture and practices by promoting their return to work programs, policies and plans, and, having skilled staff to implement them. 

To get involved, download a copy of the National Return to Work Strategy at safeworkaustralia.gov.au

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