This video is a part of a series developed for National Safe Work Month 2017, focusing on our seven priority industries as identified in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022

Working with people, childcare worker Adam and physiotherapist Michaela's jobs are physically demanding, exposing them to risks such as body stressing and illnesses. In this video, they describe the ways they address these risks in their everyday processes and procedures, including being aware of their own bodies. 

About the presenters

Adam Duncan is an Early Childhood Educator at Wiradjuri Preschool and Child Care Centre in Bruce, ACT.

Michaela Day is a physiotherapist at Performance Edge Physiotherapy in Belconnen, ACT.


National Safe Work Month – Healthcare and social assistance video

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Adam Duncan, Early Childhood Educator:

Working in childcare, for the most part, their go-to need when it comes to if they've hurt themselves or if they are feeling a bit emotional, they need a hug. So, probably lifting children's the main one, something to be aware of when we're working here at the childcare. But we do have some really strict thinking around how to keep well in terms of illness. Washing hands many, many times a day, being aware of, kind of, proximity to children who might have a cold or a cough or all kinds of things like that. So, at our setting here, we actually have someone on staff from eight til five-thirty, our opening hours, who is WHS trained.

The hazards that are kind of more about the gear that we're using with the kids, we've actually got a carpet in our space that has this amazing ability to make all toys invisible. Really, the main thing I would say is that the job is far more physically demanding than I think a lot of people expect, that you need to be aware that you are bending and stretching and twisting and moving in ways that you certainly wouldn't do in an office job.

Michaela Day, Physiotherapist:

Particularly with lifting and manual handling and those sorts of things, core stability and strength and support of your back is one of the biggest issues. Every time I'm educating someone on that, I usually like to use a little bit of my own medicine and I'll switch on my core or I'll really think about being strong and stable when I'm doing things like treating people, so I sort of daily, whether it's twelve patients a day or ten patients a day, if I can do that myself ten times a day, then I think that I'm putting myself, my back health and my strength and conditioning and stuff to the test a little bit each day.

October is National Safe Work Month. Visit the website to find out how you can get involved. Safety is everyone's business and your knowledge and experience is worth sharing.

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