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You have a duty to take reasonable care of your own health and others in the workplace.

This video features carpenter Jonno discussing the risks of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and the importance of stopping work and going home if you are under the influence.

For some jobs – such as those in road and rail transport, maritime, and mining – the law sets a legal blood alcohol limit and may prohibit a worker from working while under the influence of any drugs – legal or illegal.

When you’re hungover or under the influence of drugs and alcohol or, you run the risk of slowing your reflexes, taking shortcuts and making mistakes. This is particularly risky when working in high-risk environments like construction, where tools and machinery are being used.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is helpful to all workers across all industries, particularly those in high-risk occupations such as the trade industry.

About the presenters

In this video you will hear from Jonno, a carpenter and Nick, a leading hand carpenter. This video was produced by WorkSafe ACT.

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Work Safe: Drugs and Alcohol

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G’day. I’m Jonno. I’m a carpenter and I love my job. I’ve worked pretty hard to get where I am, and things are going pretty good right now. And I want to keep it that way by keeping my workplace safe.

If you come on to this work site under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you not only put myself at risk, you put everyone else at risk and you also put yourself at risk.

Don’t kid yourself. You can’t do your job safely. You’ll start taking shortcuts and you will make mistakes. You think you’ll get away with it, but sooner or later you will get caught.

It won’t only be you that will get injured or killed. If you’re hungover, you’re stoned or you’re high, stay at home. And if there’s any of your mates that are on the job site that are stoned, high or hungover, tell them to do the right thing. Stop work and go home. And if they don’t listen to you, go and speak to the site supervisor or the safety manager.

There’s no place for drugs or alcohol on our work site.

Leading Hand Carpenter

If you’re on drugs or alcohol at work, mate, it’s time to go. Don’t come back to site until you’re clean.

Male worker 1:

Drugs and alcohol? No way.

Male worker 2:

Drugs and alcohol? No place on this work site.

Male worker 3:

Don’t turn up to work drunk and high. It’s stupid. I’ve had friends injure themselves pretty badly. Just don’t. It’s stupid.


Think safe, work safe, and we all go home safe.

§ (Music Playing) §

[Slide with text saying ‘OZHELP Foundation 1300 694 357’, ‘Construction Charitable Works 1800 211 470’’]

If booze, weed or pills are taking over your life, get professional help. It’s only just one call away.

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[Closing visual of slide with text saying ‘This video funded by Safe Work Australia, ACT Government, Access Canberra and endorsed by ACT Government, Training Fund Authority, Unions ACT, HIA, Construction Industry Training Council, Master Builders Australian Capital Territory’]

[End of Transcript]

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