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Understanding the causes of injury and the industries most affected can help reduce work-related fatalities, injuries and disease.

Each year, Safe Work Australia produces national work health and safety statistics, providing important evidence on the state of work health and safety in Australia.

Our latest publication provides an overview of national work-related fatality and workers’ compensation claims data. Read the key work health and safety statistics report

Key findings include:

  • 183 people were fatally injured at work in 2019
  • machinery operators and drivers had the highest number of fatalities by occupation (72 fatalities) in 2019
  • there were a total of 114,435 serious workers’ compensation claims in Australia in 2018-19
  • the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry had the highest worker fatality rate in 2019
  • body stressing was the leading cause of serious workers’ compensation claims in 2018-19, accounting for 36% of all serious claims
  • vehicle collisions accounted for 43% of worker fatalities in 2019.

Watch our animation on how to participate in National Safe Work Month, download the National Safe Work Month campaign kit and other work health and safety resources, and promote work health and safety in your workplace during October.

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