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Tuesday 01 August 2017

Add safety to your toolkit. Tradies Health Month 2017

Make your safety, and the safety of your co-workers, a priority.

This month is Tradies Health month, and we want to provide you – one of Australia’s largest workforce sectors – with tools to prioritise your health and safety at work.

Trades make up almost one-third (30%) of Australia’s workforce but represent over half (58%) of serious claims for workers’ compensation. The most common cause of injury (18%) involves muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects and the most common type of serious claim (44%) involves traumatic joint injuries.

To mark the start of Tradies Health Month, we’ve released a new infographic with data and statistics on serious claims made by tradies.

We will release a collection of resources and information throughout August to help workers specifically in the trade industry, including seven new videos and links to our current guidance materials.

Source: Safe Work Australia’s National Data Set for Compensation-based Statistics, 2014-15.

Note: ‘Tradies’ are comprised of technicians and trades workers, labourers, and machinery operators and drivers.

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