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Monday 20 July 2015

Learn about how Australian workplaces find out about work health and safety in the Sources of work health and safety information in Australian workplaces report available now.

According to this report, the media continues to be an important source of work health and safety information for Australian employers, sole traders (operators of non-employing businesses) and workers.

These groups most frequently use a combination of the media and internet to access information and learn something new about work health and safety. However, training courses, government publications, employer/industry associations and other traditional methods continue to be common and effective sources of information.

The report also finds that the majority of employers provide their workers with work health and safety information through informal means, such as walking around the workplace with a supervisor or through communication with workers via notice boards, meetings and emails.

This report is one of a series examining safety behaviour, perceptions and attitudes from Safe Work Australia survey data. It is prepared to inform the development of policies in relation to work health and safety. The views and conclusions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Safe Work Australia Members.

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