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Tuesday 20 May 2014

A report released by Safe Work Australia clearly demonstrates the important role employers play in supporting a worker to return to work following an injury. The report uses data from the 2013 Return to Work Survey of 4698 injured workers from Australia and New Zealand.

View the Return to Work Survey: Role of the Employer and Workplace. Australia and New Zealand 2013

The study found that for the most part, the relationship between employers and workers in Australian and New Zealand workplaces was a good one. Most workers had positive perceptions of their workplace prior to their injury and most reported that they received support from their employer following their injury and when they returned to work.

Workers who reported that their employer supported them, made early contact after the injury, provided them with information on their rights and responsibilities, made an effort to find them suitable employment, helped them with their recovery and treated them fairly during and after the claims process were more likely to have returned to work than those who did not.

The report also found that most workers who had returned to work had positive perceptions of their work and the workplace they had returned to after their injury.

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