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Safe Work Australia is calling for public comment on the remaining 168 workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants.

Safe Work Australia is reviewing the Workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants (WES) to ensure they are based on high quality evidence and supported by a rigorous scientific approach.

Comments are requested on 168 draft evaluation reports from paraffin wax to zirconium compounds (release 15). 

Each draft report includes:

  • a recommended WES value
  • information about the basis of the recommendation, and
  • a summary of the data relied upon to make the recommendation.

Feedback is sought on the WES values and technical comments regarding:

  • the toxicological information and data that the value is based upon, and 
  • the measurement and analysis information provided.

The review will result in the development of a list of health-based recommendations for the workplace exposure standards in Australia. This includes recommendation on the workplace exposure standards values, notations and the list of chemicals.

To provide your comment, go to the Workplace exposure standards review on Engage.

For more information go to the Review of the workplace exposure standards web page.

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