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Friday 29 September 2017

Did you know the rate of worker fatalities has reduced by 49 per cent since the peak in 2007?

Read Safe Work Australia’s Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2017 for more national statistics on work-related injury, disease and fatalities.

This report is a quick overview of latest national statistics compiled from workers’ compensation data and data on workers fatalities sourced from jurisdictions, the National Coronial Information System and the media.

Some key points from this report include:

  • The agriculture, forestry and fishing industry has the highest rate of both worker fatalities and serious workers’ compensation claims.

  • 43 per cent of serious injuries involve traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon injury.

  • The median amount of compensation paid for a serious claim is $10,800.

You can read the full publication on our Key Work Health and Safety Statistics page.

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