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As National Safe Work Month comes to an end, Safe Work Australia would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s National Safe Work Month – Work Health and Safety through COVID-19.

Throughout October, thousands of Australian workplaces joined National Safe Work Month to promote best practice work health and safety (WHS). This year, National Safe Work Month has focused on WHS through COVID-19 but WHS doesn’t end here. 

WHS is not set and forget – risks can change and new risks can emerge. Australian workplaces must continue to model best practice WHS and create safe workplaces for everyone. Continuous risk management in the workplace must remain a priority as we work through COVID-19 and beyond. 

For guidance on how to continue to model best practice, watch our keeping WHS a priority animation and download our information sheet. To assess what your organisation is already doing to implement best practice WHS, download the WHS best practice checklist for employers.

For more information contact your WHS regulator or visit the Safe Work Australia website.

Together, we can create safer workplaces for everyone.

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