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Safe Work Australia produces several reports that provide information on the circumstances of work-related deaths in Australia. The most up-to-date figures are available on the Safe Work Australia's online worker fatalities statistics page. However, as these are based on initial media reports they are only a preliminary estimate. Work-related status cannot be confirmed until the death is investigated by the appropriate authority.

The Monthly Notifiable Fatality report provides a summary of work-related traumatic fatalities that were notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions. As each monthly report contains updated information for the preceding months (in the calendar year) only the most recent report is available.  The monthly summary data are released four months after the reference month.

The most comprehensive source of information on work-related injury fatalities can be found in the Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities reports. These reports are based on information from a number of sources (workers’ compensation data, coronial information, notifiable fatalities and the media) and are available one year after the reference period. The reports provide details on the number of people and the characteristics of those people who die in Australia from injuries sustained while working and details on bystanders who are killed as a result of another person’s work activity. Reports up to 2010–11 also contain information on fatalities that occurred while travelling to and from work.

Safe Work Australia’s latest Notifiable Fatalities Monthly Report shows there were 12 work-related fatalities in February this year.

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