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Safe Work Australia congratulates the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), winner of the Work Health and Safety Reporting Award at this year’s Australasian Reporting Awards in Melbourne tonight. This recognition shows the value of incorporating work health and safety (WHS) performance into your organisation’s annual report.

The Work Health and Safety Reporting Award recognises excellence in reporting on the management of and performance in work health and safety. Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Baxter is encouraging all businesses to include WHS reporting in their annual report.

“Congratulations to CASA. Their annual report illustrates a commitment to ensuring their workers, contractors and others stay healthy and safe at work,” Ms Baxter said.

“CASA’s annual report was selected from a very high standard of finalists that included BHP Billiton, Woodside Petroleum and the City of Ryde.

“Work health and safety should be a fundamental part of any organisation’s business decisions, activities and processes, and this should be reflected in your annual report.”

Not only are business leaders and investors increasingly recognising the positive impact of good work health and safety practices on an organisation’s bottom line, but stakeholders value effective management of business risks and a commitment to worker’s health and safety.

“By including high quality work health and safety information in your annual report, you can establish your organisation as a leader in work health and safety, one in which work health and safety is not an ‘add on’, but integrated into business decisions and processes,” Ms Baxter said.

It is not too late to include work health and safety as part of your 2014-15 annual report. For inspiration just have a look at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s winning 2013-2014 annual report or the annual report of one of the other finalists.

The Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA) provide an opportunity for organisations to benchmark their reports against the ARA criteria. They are open to all organisations that produce an annual report. The criteria for entering can be found on the ARA website.

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