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Small, medium and large businesses in Tasmania. The Better Work Tasmania website provides a range of information, resources and advice that businesses across Australia will find useful.

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Richard Lowrey is a member of the Board of WorkCover Tasmania and a leader in the maritime industry in Tasmania.


Better Work Tasmania

WorkSafe Tasmania

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Richard Lowrey:

Better Work Tasmania is an innovative, collaborative approach to supporting and improving work health and safety in Tasmania. In 2007 following the review of work health and safety legislation the WorkCover Tasmania Board recommended that a mechanism to reinvigorate work health and safety in Tasmania be developed. Eighteen months of broad community consultation followed where over 3,000 employees and workers from businesses and organisations large and small were asked what they thought was needed to reinvigorate the WH&S landscape.

A prototype group consisting of a representative from a number of Tasmanian businesses worked together on the resulting community feedback and developed the Better Work Tasmania program. Free of charge and facilitated by WorkSafe Tasmania, Better Work Tasmania provides for everyone who joins the program a consolidated source of information as well as a virtual meeting place to network, mentor and share WH&S resources and ideas.

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Richard Glover: 

Our company is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and as such the Better Work Tasmania program has actually benefited us through quality programs which we were able to access on the north west coast of Tasmania.

Brett Cornelius:

The wellbeing programs offered under the Better Work Tasmania model I think are very, very appropriate, particularly from the mental health side of things and the other issues around fit for work to allow our people to stay at work as long as they can, to enjoy their lives the best way they can and fulfil their lives in a safe and healthy way is really important.

Vicki Tabor: 

And the opportunity for large business to function as a mentor for smaller businesses as well. I would actively encourage Tasmanian businesses to get on board, sign up and take advantage of some of the excellent resources that the Better Work Tasmania initiative has delivered free of charge to the community.

Allan Jeffery: 

This for me has been without doubt the most exciting project I've been involved with, and the reason it's been exciting is that because we are actually seeing outcomes, we are seeing things happen and we're seeing industry respond positively to what's being done.



Pamela Atkinson:

Everybody's accountable for improving work health and safety and that's what the message is under Better Work Tasmania – that we all play a part to improve work health and safety and wellbeing in Tasmania and Australia.

Lisa Burnell:

It's quite onerous for small businesses to implement and create documents and templates, policy and procedures. So if we're able to share generic documentation and templates it is efficient on time and it provides a standard for businesses across the board. We've utilised the Better Work online platform to induct our tradespeople and incorporate this into our safety management plan. Through collaboration the construction industry are coming together to host a forum for 100 tradespeople. The Fit for Life event will incorporate guest speakers who will pass on their expert knowledge about being fit for work and fit for life.

Richard Lowrey: 

Membership of Better Work Tasmania has been growing steadily since it was launched in April 2015 and it's expected to continue growing as more and more employers and workers hear about the benefits it offers. Better Work Tasmania has the potential to reshape the future of WH&S in Tasmania by sharing, networking and learning through the mechanisms set up by this free program. These mechanisms are ideal for small, medium and large businesses, both public and private to help them to support and assist each other by providing a central resource for practical information and sharing of WH&S ideas and solutions.

If you're interested in joining this innovative program then go to www.worksafe.tas.gov.au/betterwork 

Across the Australian work health and safety framework everyone has a role to play in achieving better outcomes.

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