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Friday 14 September 2018
Media Release

Lives change forever when there’s an injury or death in the workplace.

Safe Work Australia Chair, Diane Smith-Gander, said that she’d like everyone to take a moment to consider safety in their workplace this October.

“A safety incident can happen in a moment and in any workplace, but a moment’s forethought can prevent harm,” Ms Smith-Gander said.

“October is National Safe Work Month, and this year I’m asking you to take a moment for safety."

Ms Smith-Gander explained that taking a safety moment can be as simple as spending a few minutes every morning talking with your team about the hazards and risks that are in your workplace, and the ways to prevent harm.

“Anyone can do this, from the worksite to the boardroom, from those on the factory floor to the CEO. Everyone can contribute to making their workplace safer and healthier,” she said. 

The National Safe Work Month website has resources to help you raise awareness of health and safety in your workplace.

“Last year in Australia, 191* people died while doing their job and over 106,000 people made a claim for a serious injury,” said Ms Gander.

“No industry should be unsafe to work in and no death or any injury is acceptable.

“This October, take a moment to consider what workplace safety means to you. Share your thoughts and experiences using the hashtag #mysafetymoment.” n

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*Preliminary data. Visit our fatality statistics page for more information.

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