See how Mars Petcare Australia has incorporated health and safety into their everyday work practices in the Wodonga factory.


Health and Safety at Mars Petcare Australia

Presented by: Staff at Mars Petcare Australia – Wodonga Factory

[Opening visual with text saying ‘Staff from Mars Petcare talk about work health and safety in the Wodonga factory.’]

Cornelius Van Dyk, Plant Manager

Work, health and safety is very important to Mars Petcare because I guess ultimately, we want to make sure our associates go home the same way they come to work in the mornings.

[Slide with text saying ‘what are some of the safety systems used in the factory?’]

Andrew Johnstone, Operations Manager

We have a number of safety systems in place. Whether it be lockout tag out, chain of responsibility or measures at daily panel where we report on incidents, near misses and hazards.

Cornelius Van Dyk

Every morning we talk health and safety at our JTM meetings, we have a Mars Safe meeting that's conducted once a month and every agenda in this business, it doesn't matter what meeting it is, starts with safety first.

[Slide with text saying ‘What are some of the ways you contribute to safety in the workplace?’]

Kim, Pallet Controller

If I should see any hazards in the office I would report those to someone that could do something about them, or at least come and have a look at them.

Samantha, Production Associate

Everyone works together by reporting things that you see to your manager, keeping an eye out for things so if you see someone doing something wrong, tell them. I think you should—this is probably a bit safer way to do it.

[Slide with text saying Why is work health and safety important to you?’]

Chris, Production Associate

‘I'm responsible for safety as a HSR on shift and safety to me means being able to go home to my wife and kids every day and looking out for my mates at work.

Andrew Johnstone

Personally, I would never ever want to have to talk to someone’s family at home about an incident that has occurred that could have been prevented by someone speaking up about safety or not turning a blind eye.

Cornelius Van Dyk

Work health and safety is really important to us and I think the message is clear. We want associates to take responsibility for themselves but also their fellow associates and really watch their backs. And I guess ultimately, make sure that we report things that we see that's out of place and could potentially lead to an incident on site.

[Closing slide text saying Safe Work Australia, www.swa.gov.au and MARS petcare]

[End of Transcript]

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