Safe Work Australia Chair, Diane Smith-Gander AO launches the 2019 National Safe Work Month.


Diane Smith-Gander: This October, be a leader in work health and safety. Be a Safety Champion. October is Safe Work Australia's National Safe Work Month, and this year we are acknowledging that anyone can be a Safety Champion.

During National Safe Work Month, we'll be recognising the workers, employees, managers, supervisors, teams, and organisations that are leaders in work health and safety. It doesn't matter what industry you work in, what role you do, whether you act as an individual or work as part of a team. Anyone can be a Safety Champion. It's easy to take an active role in promoting health and safety where you work. Know the hazards and risks around your workplace. Actively promote awareness of them and think about how to prevent injury and harm. The National Safe Work Month website has resources to help you do this.

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