Work health and safety is not set and forget – risks can change and new risks can emerge.

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Australian workplaces have focused on work health and safety through COVID-19 and it doesn’t stop here.

Assessing and managing health and safety risks is an ongoing process that helps prevent and reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Actively managing WHS risks promotes and improves health, wellbeing, work capacity, fosters innovation and improves work quality and productivity.

As the COVID-19 situation and your business practices change, review what you’re doing to keep your workplace safe.

You must talk to your workers, their health and safety representatives, and involve them in work health and safety decisions.

Identify hazards. Consider what could happen if someone is exposed to a hazard, and the likelihood of harm occurring.

Assess existing, new or changed risks to health and safety from your work.
Risks can be to physical or psychological health. Look out for new risks associated with changes to the work environment.

Put control measures in place to manage the risks and regularly review them. You need to take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety.

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