Whatever the industry, or workplace – everyone can join National Safe Work Month and commit to keeping people safe and healthy at work. 

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Visit the National Safe Work Month homepage for more resources.


Every October, Safe Work Australia leads National Safe Work Month. This year, the theme is Work Health and Safety through COVID-19.

Safety at work affects everyone – workers, their families, businesses, and our community. No work-related injury, illness or death is acceptable.

COVID-19 has changed our world, and every Australian workplace has been impacted. Good work health and safety practice and risk management are more important than ever.

During National Safe Work Month, we’re inviting workplaces across Australia to focus on health and safety at work.

It’s easy to get involved. The National Safe Work Month campaign kit has resources you can use to promote work health and safety in your workplace and share best practice in your organisation. 

For more information and to participate, go to the website and download the campaign kit.

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