This video is a part of a series developed for National Safe Work Month 2017, focusing on our seven priority industries as identified in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022

Construction worker Antoni Paragalli discusses how complacency is a common issue within the construction industry, and some of the processes and protocols he undertakes when commencing a job. 

About the presenter

Antoni is a construction worker involved with earthworks, concreting works, formwork and steel fixing. 


National Safe Work Month – Construction industry video

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Speaker: Antoni Paragalli, Construction worker

Our main works here involve earthworks, concreting works, formwork, steel fixing. I think complacency is a big issue in our industry and a lot of the work can be repetitive, just simple things. Sometimes we will walk on a site and you'll see guys not wearing hard hats. It's important, you know, because we've seen some bad accidents.

Each one of our employees that works on-site needs to have a general induction done, that's carried out online, and you've got to do that every 12 months. And then, we have a site-specific induction that's carried out, so no one's allowed on the site as a worker, unless they have carried out the site-specific induction.

Once we have commenced on-site, generally we carry out daily toolbox talks. We're mainly just discussing the task at hand for the day, and any risks that may be involved with that task that's being carried out on the day. When I get on-site ... just simple things. I like to see the simple things done right.

And once the simple things are done right, then the guys tend to think about the more important stuff. Like for example, you know, caps on exposed bars, para-webbing around holes, having sites fenced off properly. They're simple things, but they're important.

Guys wearing ear protection when they're grinding, eye protection when they're grinding. You do have the guys that just think it's a waste of time, until something happens. And then, when something happens then they realize, "Oh, that's why we do what we do on-site these days." You know, it's got to be on the forefront of their mind that safety is first, and then you know, the job gets carried out properly.

And then, we learn from that. So then when we have to price another job, we know that that's the way that we've got to do it, that's why it's got to be done properly, and that we don't cut corners, especially in regards to safety.

October is National Safe Work month. Visit the website to find out how you can get involved. Safety is everyone's business. And your knowledge and experience are worth sharing.

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