Have you identified hazards at your workplace? If so, watch this video to find out what you can do at work to manage the risks and implement control measures that can protect your workers from occupational lung diseases.




[Music plays and symbols of a cloud, a cog, and a magnifying glass surrounded by circular arrows appear and text appears: Occupational Lung Diseases – Manage the Risks In Your Workplace, Identify, Manage, Monitor]

[Animation image changes to show a set of lungs and clouds of pink dust can be seen moving up from the bottom of the screen towards the lungs and then the image shows a vapour moving up the screen]

Narrator: If your workers are exposed to dust, gas, fumes, or vapours, you must implement control measures.

[Animation image changes to show a hand symbol inside a stop sign with vapours around the stop sign]

You can eliminate the risk by changing work practices to stop dust, gas, fumes, or vapours being created. 

[Animation image changes to show liquid in a beaker emitting fumes, and then the image changes to show another beaker appearing with a very small amount of fumes contained within the beaker]

Replace materials with something less hazardous. 

[Animation image changes to show an exhaust fan]

Use engineering controls like local exhaust ventilation. 

[Animation image changes to show a cylinder emitting fumes within a confined room]

Isolate the hazard in an enclosed area. 

[Animation image changes to show a computer with a document on the screen and text below: www.swa.gov.au/clearlungs]

Use administrative controls such as work processes and policies that reduce exposure. 

[Animation image changes to show fumes moving up from the bottom of the screen to a ventilation face mask]
If there is still a risk provide workers with suitable and properly fitted face masks to ensure they are fully protected.

[Image changes to show the Safework Australia logo and text appears: Clean Air, Clear Lungs, Know the hidden hazards at your workplace, #clearlungs/swa.gov.au/clearlungs]

For more information on how to manage hazards visit our website.

[Music plays]

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